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About Ceestylemi

You've asked, I've answered.. CeestyleMi is an up and coming boutique which will be stocked with all the latest apparel and accessories, not quite expected to follow the trend, but SET the trend.

 #IAMTHESHXT is a campaign I began to spread the message to promote SELF esteem, SELF love, SELF adoration. Learning to love your truest self, flaws and all, is the greatest gift you can give to yourself! Forget what anyone thinks of you nor says about you, its what YOU think of you. As long as YOU recognize you are the SHXT then no one else's opinion matters. 

Expect collaborations as well as the ability to get both males and females styled by me for their upcoming events or just daily fashion wear. For more information please contact me at

Please allow 3-5 business days for your order to be processed and shipped!

Exchange and Returns are only valid 20 days after purchase also if returning you have to pay for your own shipping return! 

Remember, YOUARETHESHXT  . <3